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Our publication is running by the retired state excise officials, having a paramount expertise in the alco industry set up and technical knowhow.

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Experience first hand what law and regulations governing the industry at its portfoilio.

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Our magazine is a stepping stone to our publication initiative. Founded in co-guidance of retired excise department that is distributed to a national audience in the alcohol and related industry.
We consistently strive to bring you a valuable information in this field and also seek towards growth in this industry vis a vis betterment and fulfillment of the society.

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of UP Excise Law

Handbook is perfect for running the the business in the state that will stand out. It's unique publication composed by the experienced,

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Excise of different states even the highest expectations. Made from a secret of high altitude breeds, this white miracle has a unique aroma. Award wining in it's category since it was first introduced in 2008

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of its Kind

We are the first monthly news magazine being published in Hindi on Excise & Alco-Bev. Our publication is distributed across all states of the country. Helping industry grow has been our goal and pride of our company since we started our activity back in 2009.


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