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Why Choose Aabkari Times?

Reach a dedicated readership interested in all aspects of beverages and liquor.

Aabkari Times is a trusted source for industry news, trends, and expert insights.

Our magazine has a wide reach with [mention specific demographics and circulation numbers].

Utilize our diverse platforms, from print to digital, to maximize your advertising impact.

Advertising Options

Print Ads: Choose from various sizes and placements in our premium print edition.

Digital Promotion: Explore banner ads, sponsored content, and newsletter placements for targeted online visibility.

Custom Campaigns: Tailored packages available for special features, seasonal promotions, and integrated marketing campaigns.

Upcoming Events

We are pleased to inform you that several B2B events are scheduled in the coming months, where we proudly serve as a Media Partner. As part of our media partnership, we distribute complimentary print magazines to all delegates, with your advertisement prominently featured. This offers an excellent opportunity for increased visibility and reach for your brand.

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Advantages of Advertising with Us

Targeted Audience Reach: Gain exposure to a highly targeted audience comprising State Excise Departments, Distilleries, Breweries, Alcohol/Brewery Associations, Wholesalers, and other allied industries.

Multi-Channel Promotion: Your advertisement will not only be featured in our print magazine but also on our website, in newsletter emails, on WhatsApp, and across social media platforms, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.

Exclusive Issue Opportunity: Be part of an exclusive issue focused on the brewery industry, featuring your brand prominently and delivering targeted content to breweries across Uttar Pradesh and other states.

Association Privileges: Enjoy additional benefits such as regular social media and website advertisement posts, inclusion in digital media content, and membership in related WhatsApp groups for enhanced networking opportunities.

Expand Your Reach: By advertising with us, you will reach all events as we are media partners for almost all events of the alcobev industry. This partnership ensures that your brand message reaches a wide audience across various industry gatherings, further enhancing your visibility and impact within the sector.


Our advertisement tariff is as follows:

Type Period Price*
Full Page 1 Month Rs. 25,000/-
Half Page 1 Month Rs. 15,000/-

*Inclusive of all taxes and charges


Print Media: Half Page Size of 6.5 inches x 5 inches (A4), file formats accepted are .jpeg, .jpg, or .pdf., .cdr (v.17 or below)

Payment Remarks

Remarks: Please note that all cheque/draft will be in favor of 'Aabkari Times' payable at Allahabad with your artwork in the form of JPG/CDR via e-mail on

Aabkari Times Bank Account Information:

Banker Name: Bank of Baroda, Beli Road Branch, Allahabad

Current Account: 70020200000558


Association Privilege

Association Privileges:

  • Advertisement in our news posts on social media and website for the period of your advertisement contract.
  • Contact Number addition to our magazine's WhatsApp Group.
  • Digital Media Content and Brochure.
  • Magazine delivery by courier to your office address.