Piccadily Agro Industries, India’s largest independent malt maker, is on a winning streak after being crowned with the prestigious ‘Best Whisky in the World’ title at the 2023 Whiskies of the World Award. This accolade has catapulted the company’s shares to remarkable heights, gaining a whopping 101 percent in just nine days.

Investors have seen a significant surge in the stock, which has risen from Rs 148 to an impressive Rs 297.55 per share. For shareholders, this translates to a multibagger return, with an investment of Rs. 1 lakh now valued at Rs. 2.01 lakhs in just nine days.

Piccadily Agro Industries’ winning creation, the ‘Indri Diwali Collector’s Edition 2023,’ an Indian whisky, received the coveted ‘Best in Show, Double Gold’ title at the 2023 Whiskies of the World Awards. This exceptional achievement adds to the company’s reputation, especially since they initially launched the ‘Indri’ brand in Haryana in 2021.

The Whiskies of the World Award is renowned as one of the largest whiskey-tasting competitions globally, featuring over 100 varieties of whiskey from across the globe annually.

In addition to these prestigious awards, Piccadily Agro Industries has reported impressive financial growth. Sales have surged by 24 percent, rising from Rs 184 crore in Q1FY23 to Rs 228 crore in Q1FY24. Net profits have also witnessed significant growth, increasing by 57 percent, from Rs 7 crore to Rs 11 crore during the same time frame.

In terms of stock performance, Piccadily Agro Industries has delivered multibagger returns of 340 percent over three months and an astonishing 650 percent over the past year. For investors, this means an investment of Rs. 1 lakh is now worth Rs. 7.50 lakhs after a year and Rs. 4.40 lakhs after just three months.

In the latest shareholding pattern, the company’s promoters hold a dominant 70.97 percent stake, while retail investors hold a 29.02 percent stake.

Piccadily Agro Industries Ltd. primarily focuses on the manufacturing of sugar and its by-products, offering a wide range of products that includes white crystal sugar, molasses, and liquor.

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