Heineken Silver Draught Beer is set to make its debut in India, exclusively gracing the taps of premium bars and pubs in Mumbai, Thane, and Pune within Maharashtra. United Breweries, a major player in the beer manufacturing industry and a part of the HEINEKEN group based in Amsterdam, is spearheading this venture. The company envisions extending its reach to Karnataka during the fiscal year 2024.

This innovative addition to Heineken’s repertoire has already earned widespread acclaim in global markets. Crafted by seasoned brewers using only natural ingredients, including Heineken’s distinctive A-yeast and 100% malt, this new variant exemplifies the brand’s commitment to quality.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Franck Evers, a certified Heineken Global Draught Master, during the launch on Tuesday. (Source: company)</p></div>

The launch of Heineken Silver Draught Beer signifies a noteworthy stride for United Breweries, underscoring its dedication to innovation and the elevation of its portfolio to premium status. Financial analysts at Nuvama Institutional Equities anticipate a positive impact on United Breweries’ growth trajectory with the introduction of Heineken Silver Draught Beer.

In the context of India’s beer market, a promising trajectory is anticipated in the coming years. Factors such as the resolution of one-off issues, favorable policies from select state governments, and the rising acceptance of beverages with reduced alcoholic content are poised to drive growth.

Heineken Silver Draught Beer is positioned to resonate well with Indian consumers, offering a premium, smooth, and refreshing beverage tailored for social occasions. This marks the first instance of Heineken introducing draught beer to the Indian market, a strategic move aimed at meeting the evolving preferences of discerning consumers.

Vivek Gupta, Managing Director and CEO of United Breweries Ltd, expressed enthusiasm about introducing Heineken Silver Draught Beer to Indian consumers, aligning with the company’s commitment to cater to evolving preferences. Crafted with 100% malt and natural ingredients, including Heineken’s A-yeast, the beer promises a delightfully refreshing, smooth, and easy-to-drink lager with a crisp, subtle finish.

Jacqueline Van Faassen, Head of International Premium Portfolio at Heineken India, highlighted the significance of the introduction of Heineken Silver Draught Beer in India. She emphasized that it expands the product portfolio, providing consumers with a unique and refreshing world-class drinking experience rooted in Heineken’s brewing legacy and expertise.