Radico Khaitan Limited, one of the largest IMFL companies in India (referred to as “Radico Khaitan” or the “Company”), announced that the Company will unveil the next two whiskies in the Jugalbandi series of eight Indian Single Malt whiskies, Jugalbandi #3 and #4, at The Whisky Show, London (29th September – 1st October 2023). The Rampur Jugalbandi series is a limited release at cask strength. Jugalbandi #3 and Jugalbandi #4 will be rolling out to the UK, USA, EU, Singapore, and Global Travel Retail October 2023 onwards.

In the world of music, Jugalbandi translates to “entwined twins” and refers to a duet of two solo musicians and instruments that own the stage in perfect partnership. The essence of this ancient artform has been captured in the new Rampur Jugalbandi Single Malts, where the two casks used in each expression complement each other in perfect harmony.

Jugalbandi #3 is matured in American Bourbon Barrels and Port Wine Casks in the north Indian climate to attain the classic characteristics of the House of Rampur whiskies. The malt offers a luxurious blend of sweetness and spice from American Bourbon Barrels and a smooth, velvety mouthfeel with hints of sweet plum cake from the Port Wine Casks. On the nose are intense tropical fruity top notes that evolve into a hint of mango and lychee. On the palate are refreshing vanilla notes from the First Fill Bourbon Barrels, followed by sweetness of prunes and spicy notes of the Port Cask extract, unravelling the flavours layer by delicate layer.

Jugalbandi #4 is matured in American Bourbon Barrels and Pale Ale Casks. This combination marries together the fruity, floral notes from American Bourbon Barrels and spicy malt from the Indian Pale Ale Casks. On the nose is an intense tropical fruity note with hints of ripe juicy apple and mango. The Pale Ale Casks offer a sweet malty undertone with hints of hops, pears and floral notes. On the palate the First Fill Bourbon Barrels offer notes of sweet vanilla that evolve into the deep depths of the malt, green apple and spice from the hops.

Anup Barik, Master Distiller at Rampur Distillery, says: “We always strive to continue innovating with each new release. I love marrying together pairs of different casks in the Jugalbandi series and am excited to have Rampur Select available again. We are looking forward to unveiling these three new expressions from the House of Rampur at The Whisky Show in London.”

On the launch of two new expressions, Sanjeev Banga, President of International Business at Radico Khaitan, said: “With our Rampur Indian Single Malt portfolio, we have always strived to take India to the World. There is a lot of mysticism about India and the global consumers are always intrigued by the Indian culture and heritage. The Jugalbandi series is a testament to our brand creation capabilities and celebrates an ancient Indian artform. We are proud to showcase our Indian heritage with the third and fourth launch of this series at The Whisky Show. The first and second expressions in the Jugalbandi series sold out in record time and we are excited to see the reaction to this next range of limited-edition, collectible whiskies.”

Rampur Jugalbandi #3 RRP: £400 ABV: 54.8%

Rampur Jugalbandi #4 RRP: £400 ABV: 52.4%

Earlier this year, Radico Khaitan had launched Sangam World Malt Whisky which combines the finest malts sourced from traditional European origins as well as from the New World, weaving a tapestry of nuanced flavours and creating a harmony that is both delicate and refined. Sangam, a name derived from the Hindi word for “confluence,” evokes the image of two powerful rivers merging to form something greater than the sum of their parts. “Just like the rivers that flow from different directions, Sangam World Malt Whisky represents the convergence of the rich traditions of the East and the expertise of the West in the art of whisky-making,” says Sanjeev Banga.

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