Gautam Budh Nagar district administration has issued an advisory for people, in an attempt to sensitize them against the ill effects of spurious liquor on health and encouraged them to refrain from consuming it.

On the directions issued by the district administration, the excise department has swung into action to nab culprits indulging in the sale of spurious liquor while efforts are also being made to encourage people to report about erring people indulging in the illegal activity.

District magistrate Manish Kumar Verma said on Thursday, “A drive has been started in the city that aims to sensitize general public regarding the ill effects of spurious liquor. The Excise department has been directed to crack whip on people indulging in the sale of spurious liquor in the district. For the purpose, a toll-free number has also been launched where people can inform about those engaged in the illegal activity. The complainant’s identity will be kept confidential”.

Spurious liquor is illicit liquor which is prepared from improper distillation by using methylated spirit. It contains higher percentage of methyl alcohol which is poisonous, consumption of which may result in loss of eye sight (blindness) among other serious health conditions. In severe cases, even death can occur if other chemicals mixed with ethyl alcohol are consumed.

Notably, production and selling of spurious liquor is a legal offence and may invite a penalty of 10 lakh, or life time imprisonment or both or even death penalty for the accused persons involved.

District excise officer, Subodh Kumar said, “Under the drive, we will be cracking down on those operating illegal shops and selling spurious liquor. Simultaneously, locals will be advised to not purchase the cheap liquor from such shops as these may prove to be fatal. We are also requesting people to lodge complaint upon finding any information regarding the sale and shops operating, on the toll-free number 14405 or 9454466019. The information of the complainant will be kept confidential with the department”.

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