Asia and India’s first meadery, Moonshine, has launched a refreshing new edition to their flagship series: Lemon Tea Mead.

The Mead is made with lemon zest and Vahdam’s Earl Grey tea. Moonshine is on a mission to save the bees and immerse itself in better beekeeping practices, sip by sip.

Conceptualized to transcend seasons, Lemon Tea Mead presents a harmonious combination of flavors – lemon zest and VAHDAM India’s Earl Grey tea.

Priced at an enticing Rs 150 in Maharashtra throughout the year, this offering is an invitation to newcomers, enriching their perception of meads.

Moonshine has further partnered with Malaka Spice to resell their zested lemon to promote zero waste and intends to initiate more such partnerships with other restaurants in Pune.

“In the previous year 2022-2023, Moonshine achieved a remarkable feat, using over 55 MT of honey for crafting both mead and retail honey sales. What’s fascinating is that it takes around 4 million flower visits by bees to produce just 1 kg of honey. So, with our consumption of 55 MT of honey, we’ve essentially played a part in supporting the pollination of a staggering 220 billion flowers. So, we are taking one pint at a time and pushing more mead with less price. Our goal is to consistently weave a narrative that highlights Moonshine’s commitment to ecological balance through the preservation of bees and dedicated beekeeping practices,” shared Rohan Rehani, Co-founder, Moonshine Meadery and Moonshine Honey Project.

In the alco-bev industry, Moonshine Meadery stands as the only brand that looks after ecological balance. With every pint of moonshine, a remarkable ~ 4 million flowers are pollinated. In a landscape where few alcohol brands champion social and environmental causes, Moonshine’s conscious commitment shines brightly, redefining the industry’s role in fostering a better world.

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