Alcoholic beverage trends such as hard seltzer, mix and match, pre-packaged drink, and sustainable beer will be witnessed in 2023

In the modern-day world, the shift in consumer tastes is causing changes in drinking trends and habits. In the past, mixing and drinking was strictly forbidden, however, today most people prefer mixing and matching their drinks and experimenting with flavourful cocktail mixers to enhance the flavour. Thus, the current generation thinks carefully about the beverage they choose. Drinking beverages produced sustainably has become and will remain a significant priority.

Furthermore, pub culture is expanding substantially. The time when parties were only held at homes is long gone. A nice pub with a terrific ambience, food, and dance is perfect for celebrating an occasion. People are, therefore, more eager to try out alcoholic beverages. Additionally, coloured spirits have recently become popular, encouraging consumers to try brand-new and distinctive coloured spirits. Thus, these exceptional and advanced fads are laying the foundation for new trends.

Here’s a look at alcoholic beverages trends that will dominate 2023 by Arundeep Singla, Chairman and Managing Director, Alcostar Group of Companies

Hard Seltzer

Hard seltzer, a low-calorie convenience beverage, is predicted to be one of the essential drink trends to watch out for. Hard seltzers, essentially alcoholic flavours of sparkling water, are great for carrying around. These have a wide range of alcohol bases, including vodka and gin, and a relatively low ABV. Hard seltzer consumption is most likely being fueled by the rising demand for ready-to-drink (RTD) goods. It will likely remain at the forefront as brands increasingly want to expand their RTD options.

Mix And Match

People are now more willing to experiment with their beverages. Trying new things has become the trend, especially in light of the shifting demands and aspirations of the new-age generation. With flavours based on tea, berries, citrus, coffee, rhubarb, and more, there is no doubt that the drink’s sensory experience has gained priority. People choose it over their usual boring drinks, whether flavoured vodka or gin. In addition, people are becoming increasingly inclined to experiment with their beverages by mixing them with other mixers in order to improve their taste. Fresh flavours and innovations are expected to keep emerging, causing this upward tendency to last until 2023.

Pre-Packaged Drinks

Since the pandemic, pre-packaged drinks have grown popular. Due to their portability and convenience, ready-to-drink beverages saved the day when people were forced to stay at their home. According to industry experts, the ready-to-drink alcohol market is expected to grow by 3% globally and reach roughly 32 billion dollars by the end of 2024. Additionally, ready-to-drink alcohol producers are increasingly turning to canned beer, cocktails, and hard seltzers to give consumers that ease of drinking. This is done while keeping an eye on consumer interests and preferences.

Sustainable Beer

Consumers are eager for more ecologically friendly alcohol options since they are becoming more aware of their purchasing decisions. As a result, brewers are employing sustainable creative strategies to include in their manufacturing, and offering products like sustainable beer. In addition to packaging and use of renewable energy, some brewers are choosing ingredients produced locally to cut emissions. So, it’s no surprise that more and more people are choosing sustainable beer, and this trend will only grow in the coming years.

The alcoholic beverage industry has been no stranger to innovation over the past year, with trends in this category being driven by utility, premiumization, convenience, and sustainability. The alcohol industry is all set to adapt to changing consumer tastes and introduce new products, from canned cocktails to low-alcohol choices. Owing to the fact, the market is increasing at a faster rate due to the rising urban population and middle-class spending power. In a nutshell, alcoholic beverage trends such as hard seltzer, mix and match, pre-packaged drink, and sustainable beer will be witnessed in 2023.

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