Panaji: The Goa government on Monday issued an order to clamp down on several tourism-related activities, which are being carried out illegally, and ordered the police to take action against violators.


The Goa tourism department termed activities such as tourists cooking on the roadside and sale of tickets and packages to tourists promoting destinations outside the state as “nuisance.”

The department has prohibited 10 activities, including operation of all boating/water sports activities from areas other than those permitted and conducted within demarcated zones, domestic tourists cooking at the roadside and creating nuisance, touting or selling of cruise boat tickets and any other tickets of tourist activities at places other than authorised ticketing counters and offices.

The order signed by state Director of Tourism Nikhil Desai has empowered the Goa police to take action against activities mentioned in the order. While listing out various tourism-related activities prevailing in the state, the department has said “such activities have damaged and deteriorated or are likely to damage or deteriorate the tourism potentiality of the tourist places”. While prohibiting these activities, Desai has directed the concerned persons, companies, associations or any firms “not to undertake any such activities, process or operation in tourist places with immediate effect”.

The activities related to selling of items/goods from unauthorised handcarts and unauthorised hawkers would be banned in tourist places, the order stated.The department has said that the hawkers/agents/service providers shall not in any manner impede the free movement of tourists/cause obstructions or compel tourists to purchase items/goods and services, it said.

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The department has also banned unauthorised selling of water sports tickets or packages to tourists for services offered outside Goa in places such as Malvan, Karwar etc.The ban is also imposed on illegal placement of deck-beds, tables and other items on all the beaches of the state without holding valid permissions from the prescribed /competent authority.The order has also banned driving of unauthorised vehicles on the beaches of Goa and consumption of liquor in open and breaking of glass bottles etc in tourist places.

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