New Delhi: Parties, get-togethers, night outs are incomplete without a little brew and we have the best one selected for you.


BeeYoung is one of the top brew brand today and has made a separate identity for itself with its amazing taste and booze. It has an alcohol percentage of 7.2 and is considered India’s first strong craft beer. It is perfect for every party or get-together as it never spoils your taste or mood.

Having been involved in the alco-bev industry since 2004, the MBA grad notes, “The industry is always trying to fill the gaps as customers’ tastes and habits evolve and I realised there was a missing space, for a premium quality strong craft beer, given that most craft beers top off at around 4 percent.”

“We have a long history of brewing in the country, be it rice beers or barley brews among various communities. With Bee Young, the idea was to create a vibrant crafted strong beer, meant to especially appeal to millennial consumers. And I think we have managed to make a brew that is fresh and youthful and delivers a crisp, clean, and punchy taste with a citrusy twang,” he added.

Manufactured and packaged in India, the beers are made to exact international standards of taste, quality, and packaging, all while staying in sync with the more immediate, local market and consumer. In September 2019, Kimaya Himalayan started brewing at an investment of Rs 15 cr and is now worth Rs 25 cr in just one year despite the industry being out of sales for a few months due to the pandemic.

Monika Alcobev is eyeing 800 Cr revenue by 2024

Still wondering about your choice of brew for the next social event, trust in Bee Young and you will get addicted!
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