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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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UP Government Approves New Excise Policy, Revenue Target Set To ₹ 40,000 Cr.

The approval was granted by the state cabinet headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath

In respect of ease of doing business micro-brewery licences will have the option to be renewed up to three years instead of requiring approvals every year, the New Excise Policy said

The Uttar Pradesh government has given its approval to the Excise Policy 2022-23, expecting revenue to jump by ₹ 6,000 crore during the fiscal. The approval was granted by the state cabinet headed by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. The cabinet meeting took place on Saturday.

Unlike in last policy Integrated Supply Chain Management System (IESCMS) shall be implemented by computerizing the various processes of the department in this year also with time bound schedule.

The system of sale of liquor in retail shops using PoS machines shall be implemented in 2022-23,” the state government said in a statement on Saturday with strict compliance.

Renewal of country liquor, foreign liquor, beer, bhang retail shops and model shops permitted for 2022-23.

To promote production of wine within the state, wine made out of locally produced fruits exempted from excise duty for a period of five years, shallbe continued it said.

Premium retail vends shall be permitted at airports. Wine tasting facility and sale of drinking accessories shall be allowed at premium retail vends.

A special campaign will be launched to create awareness to the public on the ill effects of drinking and responsible drinking, the statement said. The campaign will mainly focus on — under age drinking, drunken driving and responsible consumption. Rupees one crore will be earmarked for this campaign, it added.

Advance storage of foreign liquor, beer and wine for the year 2022-23 will be allowed from February 15,2022.

In respect of Country Liquor, following new changes has been included-

  • Good quality of plastic caps shall be allowed in a pet bottle. Shrink caps will be mandatory to use.
  • UP Made Liquor packing introduced now in 100 ml pack also
  • Tetra pack packing discontinued in UPML 42.8%; only glass bottles to be used.
  • MGQ of CL increased by 7.5%, now the total MGQ of the state 58.82 cr. B.L
  • No increase in license fees of country liquor
  • Special tax is withdrawn on CL.
  • Prices of UPML 200 Ml  of 42% bottle MSP will be Rs. 80/-
  • 200 Ml 36% price will be of Rs. 65
  • 200 Ml 25% price will be Rs. 50 as last year
  • The basic license fees of country liquor shops will be based on yearly MGQ at the rate Rs. 36 per B.L.

“E-renewal of all the liquor shops will be same like in the year 2021-22.”

In respect of Foreign Liquor, following new changes has been included-

  • A increase in license fee of 7.5% in IMFL, Beer, Bhang Shops
  • Increase in processing fees of BWFL 2A, 2B, 2C, Bonds from Rs. 55,000 to 1 Lac
  • Increase in master warehouse registration and renewal processing fees.
  • Premium retail vends license fee is increased to Rs. 20L per year from 12L last year.

In respect of Beer, following new changes has been included-

  • Beer in Keggs are permitted in 20,30 and 50L from breweries with duty of Rs. 200,400 and 600 respectively.

In respect of Microbrewey, following new changes has been included-

  • Duty increased to Rs. 80 B.L from Rs. 60 B.L imposed last year

In respect of Premium Retail vends, following new changes has been included-

  • Wine testing counter will be permitted in the premium retail vend.
  • Wine serving accessories will be also permitted to sale in the retail vends.

Home Bar License

  • Annual is rs 11000 and security is 25000
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