What makes Goa…Goa? Beautiful beaches and landscapes, delicious food, amazing pubs and clubs, a relaxed atmosphere, and a great drinking culture!


One of the newest homegrown alcohol brands to emerge from Goa, Rahasya, as the name suggests. It is a craft Vodka that is inspired by the mysticism, heritage, and folklore of India.

Launched by Blisswater Industries Private Limited, Rahasya Vodka has taken the Goan drinking scene by storm and has its sights set on becoming the spirit of choice for the urban Indian.

Hailing from Goa, Varna Bhat had grown up gearing to crack the UPSC exam and become an IAS officer

The Origins of Rahasya Vodka, Demystified

It all began with a simple conversation between the owner, Varna Bhat, and her friends about the absence of indegenous alcohol in the organised market. “Yes, we have localised creations like Feni, Apong, or Mahua, but there is no drink that was inspired by India and could be made available across the country”, recalls Varna.

And so began Rahasya’s journey from a pan-India vision to a wonderfully crafted vodka that embodies the Indian spirit and culture.

Varna adds, “People kept asking what was in the drink and it had this mysterious and secretive air about it, which ultimately led us to name the drink Rahasya”.

A product of thorough R&D, this Goa-produced spirit takes us back to our roots and traditions, blending perfectly with contemporary Indian culture to create a truly immersive experience.


Bhat stresses that “Vodka is the second-most consumed spirit in the country after whisky, yet there’s hardly any innovation that’s happened with the spirit”.

A sensory experience with every sip

Rahasya is so much more than just a spirit, It’s a unique sensory experience. Each sip of this India-infused vodka indulges your senses with delightfully familiar yet seemingly new  aromas and flavors, and hints at the myriad tales of the mysticism, heritage, folklore, and tradition of our great nation.


By the end of 2021, Rahasya will be available across Maharashtra, Karnataka, Daman and other states.

Blisswater also plans to make Rahasya vodka available overseas, as early as mid-2022.

Rahasya Vodka in Goa…

The Goenkar soro scene has seen some awesome liquors & liqueur queue up on the display bar. Goa’s hip clubbing scene & equally admired dimly lit pub scene, allows homegrown alcohol brands to test & better their respective products.

Rahasya Vodka is currently available in Goa at Rs.850 per bottle. You can find them at the choicest wine stores across Goa.

Rahasya has received a very enthusiastic response in Goa and is already among the handful of successful craft liquor and vodka brands in India.

Rahasya vodka’s unique blend is created for those who are well-traveled and deeply rooted in the ethos of India.

“It’s very India,” concludes Varna. Rahasya Vodka’s flavor makes it a versatile base for cocktails and is a near-fail-safe liquor to mix at home. “It’s crisp and light, and I’d especially recommend it with tender coconut water”, she signs off with a clink of the glass.

Three Homemade Rahasya Vodka recipes

#1 Rahasya Refresh

A much-loved refreshing fruit meets a sought-after Vodka to create a hard-to-forget drink that will transport you to the past and fill your senses with the mysteries of India.

Rahasya Refresh Recipe:

  • ->60ML Rahasya Vodka
  • ->120ML Tender Coconut Water

Combine the ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice, stir, then garnish with Coconut chunks


#2 Cucumber Thyme Sour

Tired of the daily grind? Hit the refresh button and treat yourself to the Cucumber Thyme Sour, a lip-smacking sweet and sour cocktail that is surprisingly easy to make. The flavors are crisp and refreshing, just like those of your Rahasya.

Cucumber Thyme Sour Recipe:

  • ->60ML Rahasya Vodka
  • ->30ML Cucumber Thyme Sour
  • ->20ML Lime Juice

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Double strain this blend in a martini or a coupe glass and then garnish with a Thyme twig or cucumber.


#3 Turmeric Tonic

Capture the true taste of summer with Turmeric Tonic. A delightful vodka-based cocktail that’ll wow your guests, do remember to savor this beauty of a drink responsibly. And indulgently.

Turmeric Tonic Recipe:

  • ->Turmeric mixed with Rahasya 60 ML
  • ->Mango ginger honey syrup 15 ML
  • ->Tonic water 90 ML

Combine the ingredients in a highball glass filled with ice. Stir the blend, top it up with tonic water and then garnish with a raw mango slice. 


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