CHENNAI: Customers visiting Tasmac wine shops cannot buy alcohol in bulk anymore. An individual can buy only 4.5 litres of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) or Imported Foreign Liquor (IFL) or a maximum of 7.5 litres of beer.
This is the maximum volume of liquor that an individual is permitted to possess at a given time, as per a new circular.
Though the cap on the quantity of liquor to be sold for individuals already exists, it is hardly followed. Moreover, Tasmac shops must provide receipts for customers and display the price list at the liquor vends. The development comes amid complaints regarding excess charging over and above the MRP at Tasmac counters.
In a circular, Tasmac managing director Dr. L. Subramanian said that the Madurai bench of Madras High Court has observed that action must be initiated against salesmen, who are indulging in bulk sale in Tasmac shops. Noting that it was the responsibility of the district managers to ensure that bulk sale does not happen, the circular ordered stern action against employees indulging in such practices. In another circular, the Tasmac MD stressed that receipts should be issued to all customers and the price list displayed in every outlet.
Sources said that the circular has also been issued in view of the rural local body elections in nine districts to deter hoarding of liquor. “There is permissible holding capacity that individuals can possess. A person can possess only 4.5 litres of IMFL or similar quantity of IFL or a maximum of 7.5 litres of beer and liquor is sold according to the prescribed holding capacity,” an official said.
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