Hyderabad: Almost all alco-bev consumers in the city are keen on using home delivery services for the liquor purchases as per a survey – ‘Consumer pulse on home delivery of liquor’ by the International Spirits and Wines Association of India (ISWAI). As the nation grapples with the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic that has left people wary of stepping out of their homes, the representative body promoted by international spirits and wine companies revealed the findings of its study conducted in the city.


The survey aims to understand the voice of consumers and their preferences around home delivery of alco-bev, in collaboration with India’s leading citizen engagement and consumer pulse platform LocalCircles. It reaffirms the growing demand for alternate channels of home delivery.

The study highlighted that 60 per cent of consumers surveyed stated they would use the home delivery service for convenience, while 40 per cent would use it for social distancing or safety and believe it would also result in better availability of brands.

Another noteworthy finding of the survey was that 60 per cent of alco-bev consumers prefer using existing e-commerce apps that provide home delivery of other products already and have alco-bev delivered to their home, instead of using an individual app dedicated to this purpose.

Nita Kapoor, CEO, ISWAI said, “The pandemic has impacted all sectors, including the alco-bev industry. However, every crisis also provides an opportunity to reassess, reinvent and explore new ways benefitting stakeholders. Our survey aimsto bridge the gaps to meet consumer demands.” She further said, “Apart from Hyderabad, we are also seeing a growing demand for home delivery of alco-bev from neighbouring cities like Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, Sangareddy and Nalgonda.”

ISWAI: ISWAI urges Maharashtra government to continue ‘online’ home delivery of liquor

The ISWAI members urge Telangana government to allow home delivery of alcohol giving consumers a safer and convenient mode of delivery. Progressive regulations could enhance livelihood opportunities and unlock the huge potential of this alternative channel and contribute towards State revenues.

Indian liquor market is estimated to be the third largest in the world, and a major source of revenue for the State government. The excise revenue of Telangana for 2020-21 was Rs 27,888 crore. The alco-bev industry is one of the largest contributors to the State excise revenues.

The above news was originally posted on www.thehansindia.com


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