When the second wave of Covid-19 forced people to stay at home, many relied on fruits and juices to boost their immunity. But that wasn’t the case with the people of Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad district, for they were enjoying alcohol. The Excise Department numbers, especially from the city of Ghaziabad, are shocking. If you compare the consumption of alcohol in 2021 with last year from April-August, the difference is a staggering Rs 200 Crore.

The liquor that the people of Ghaziabad consumed in five months, that is April to August, included local, English and beer. Among these, beer topped the chart with 69% growth in its consumption as compared to last year’s numbers.

Here are the figures:

According to the excise department, in August 2020 the sales of Liquor in Ghaziabad stood at Rs 80 crore, 26 lakh and 76 thousand, which went up to Rs 103.85 crore this year. Let’s break this down further. Until August 2020, 10 lakhs, 58 thousand and 120 litres of local alcohol were sold, whereas this year, the volume has gone up to 13 lakh, 73 thousand 285 litres. Until August 2020, 7 lakh, 77 thousand and 527 bottles of foreign liquor were sold while this year, their numbers reached 8 lakh, 77 thousand 741 bottles. In August 2020, 16 lakh, 32 thousand 843 beer cans of 500 ml were sold while this year, 27 Lakh, 54 thousand, 490 cans have been sold.

There has been an increase of 30% in the sale of local liquor and a 13% increase in foreign liquor. As far as revenue is concerned, from April to August 2020, alcohol worth Rs 369 crore and 4 lakh was sold. However, this year, from April to August 2021, liquor worth Rs 562 crore, 64 lakh and 54 thousand has been sold.

In Ghaziabad, there are 205 local, 135 foreign, 128 beer and 45 model shops selling liquor. As per assistant excise commissioner RK Singh, this year the department had a target of 14 hundred crore revenue from the district, out of which 562 crores, 64 lakh and 54 thousand of revenue has been received.

The above news was originally posted on www.news18.com

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