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Make IMFL brands available at liquor outlets, govt. urged

The International Spirits and Wines Association of India (ISWAI) has urged the State government to allow Indian-made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) brands available at liquor outlets in the State.

In a statement on Monday, ISWAI Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nita Kapoor said that allowing IMFL brands would offer a wider choice to the people of Andhra Pradesh as well as for tourists in the State.

“A progressive tourism policy is the need of the hour. The alcobev industry plays a vital role in promoting the travel and tourism industry. The tourism policy with proposed new shops earmarked for tourist destinations that already have AP Tourism Hotels and Resorts, would bring in significant revenues to the State government and create economic opportunities. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure availability of Indian-made foreign liquor brands for local consumers and tourists, offering them wider choice and a superior customer experience. This will play a significant role in promoting and developing the tourism ecosystem,” Ms. Kapoor said.

Emphasising the need to allow choice of products to consumers, ISWAI secretary general Suresh Menon said that the State government should not discriminate between new local brands and the historically popular national brands, most of which are also produced locally within the State. This curtailment of consumer preferences will only promote illegal movement of products and encourage spurious and counterfeit liquor that will ultimately harm consumers, besides impacting State revenues, he said.

The above news was originally posted on www.thehindu.com


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