Copter7 launches their #GoOneMoreRound campaign with its brand ambassador M.S Dhoni

Mumbai: The essence of every inspirational story is all about braving the odds and making things happen no matter the obstacles. Making that very belief, their ethos is none other than Copter7 with their brand-new campaign – #GoOneMoreRound

#GoOneMoreRound, is an OOH and digital campaign by the recently launched alcobev startup 7InkBrews, founded by Mr. Mohit Bhagchandani, co-founded by Mr. Kunal Patel and Mr. Adil Mistry. They brand that also launched Copter7 commercial beers and artisanal chocolates, salutes the never-say-die spirit and the incredible journey shared by some amazing changemakers, influencers and the Copter7 brand ambassador M.S. Dhoni.

With inspiration and celebration at its core, the Copter7 #GoOneMoreRound campaign is all set to introduce the campaign champions who have taken over the world – both online and outdoor! The faces of #GoOneMoreRound are:

·       Founder and Creative Director of MissMalini – Malini Agarwal

·       Stand-Up Comedy veteran – Atul Khatri

·       On air radio jockey and host – RJ Glenn Saldanha

·       Acclaimed actor – Amey Wagh

·       Stunt Rider and cross-country rally racer – Anam Hashim

·       Fashion Entrepreneur – Fatima K Punjaabi

·       Versatile television and film actor – Kashmira Irani

·       Rapper and Musician Tienas

·       Television’s Creative Director and Producer – Nishchay Gogia

Malini Agarwal, who revolutionized the blogging space in India with her blog MissMalini is a brand to reckon with today. Malini started her career as a backup dancer before she moved to Mumbai and made her presence felt on both radio and television. However, her innate desire to excel like bloggers Perez Hilton and many more resulted in the “MissMalini” dream which started off as a big passion project to becoming one of the most sought-after brands in the world of lifestyle and entertainment.

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Atul Khatri’s journey is one of a kind! Atul gave up his career as a successful CEO at the age of 48 to venture into an alternative career

– stand-up comedy. Today, he is one of the most renowned stand-up comedians for his tongue in cheek humor style. In millennial terms, he’s the OG in the world of stand-up.

Glenn Saldanha, today is a successful radio jockey, on-air host, dancer – truly a man of many talents. His journey to success needed him to go through 31 rejected demos until finally his grit and talent got him his own live show on air!

Actor Amey Wagh, one of Marathi and Hindi cinema’s most loved names, had to endure and submit to 42 auditions before he could get that one breakout role.

Anam Hashim, one of India’s few female pro-athletes in freestyle street biking and a cross-country rally racer, also saw a “life-sprint” like no other. Despite the hurdles she faces, Anam has the unparalleled distinction of being the only Indian stunt athlete to win an international stunt competition in 2017 and her time has just begun!

Talking about the campaign and partnering with these real-life changemakers, Jhanvi Mewar, VP Marketing- 7InkBrews, says, “After more than 730+ hours of meticulous planning, brainstorming, endless meetings, rejecting and reworking ideas, cold dinners, we are proud to have partnered with some deserving heroes whose stories are not just relatable but also aspirational. Copter7’s #GoOneMoreRound is an ode to these unparalleled life champions, their belief, their journey and each of their unmatched determination to make their dreams come true. Through this campaign, our objective is to invigorate people to seize the world and the opportunities it offers with vigor and enthusiasm. It’s time to remake your story and #GoOneMoreRound.”

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