Maharashtra Excise Minister Shambhuraj Desai during a press briefing on Wednesday said that the state department generated good revenue this year. Minister Shambhuraj Desai said that it is due to the implementation of many changes in the excise department, it was able to generate good revenue this year.

“The Excise department is the third largest revenue-generating account in the state. My department this year generated Rs 21,550 crore in revenue. As compared to last year, there has been a 25 per cent rise this year”, Minister Desai said. Talking about the illegal transportation of liquor, he said, “Many cases were registered. This year there has been a 15 per cent rise in illegal liquor seizures. To stop illegal transportation, we are increasing the number of check posts. Before there were 12 check posts, we are increasing it to 25. We are increasing the number to more than double.”

On the shortage of vehicles and infrastructure, the Excise Minister said, “There was a shortage of vehicles and infrastructure for field staff in this financial year. We are doing provision of 81 vehicles and also 705 new posts will be filled soon.” (ANI)

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