Chhattisgarh Excise Minister Kawasi Lakhma said there would be no liquor ban in Bastar as long as he is alive. In a viral video, he is seen supporting the drinking habit in Bastar.

“I will never allow liquor prohibition in Bastar. Drinking alcohol makes a man strong, but drinking too much may kill. It is like medicine and it should be taken in the right proportion,” he added.

He claimed that in abroad 100 percent people drink alcohol and here (Bastar), 90 percent people drink. “Those who are demanding the ban don’t know it is a medicine for the labourers. If they do not drink, they will not be able to do heavy works,” the minister added.

Lakhma slams BJP leaders
Slamming Opposition leader and former CM Raman Singh, Lakhma asked did the BJP leader ever pick up a gunny bag, how would he know what is called a body ache?

I have done heavy work, I know what is pain and how useful the liquor is, he added.

Lakhma asserted even if the liquor ban happens in Chhattisgarh, it will not be applicable in Bastar, till he is alive.

He said, ‘Liquor is used in worship to all the deities and it is consumed by everyone in Bastar. Without it, we do not travel, we do not worship.”

Either the government in Delhi (Centre) or the state, no one can impose a ban on liquor in Bastar.

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