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The sale of liquor surged by almost 35% during Dol and Holi this year compared to previous years, according to estimates of those associated with the industry.

The sharp surge was due to various indoor and outdoor Holi parties this year after three years of the pandemic. Liquor shops were open in 2020, 2021 and 2022, but there were
several Covid restrictions in place which adversely impacted liquor sales.

Liquor shops witnessed long queues since Monday afternoon, a day before Dol. On Wednesday, liquor shops were open since morning on Holi and had long queues outside.

Incidentally, during last year following the third wave of Covid, both Holi and Dol were subdued. An official of the Confederation of Indian Alcoholic Beverage Companies
(CIABC) pointed out that this year as a whole is better in the state. “It is good to see a surge in sales,” the official added.

“Almost 80% of our stock was over by Monday night as people were stocking up for Dol on Tuesday. On Wednesday too there were queues since morning on the occasion of Holi,” said a representative of Ruttonjee Dadabhoy & Son on Ganesh Chandra Avenue.

Several housing complexes organized Dol and Holi parties. Many families too organized home parties on Tuesday as well as Wednesday. On Wednesday there were at least 15 big Holi bashes in different venues across the city.

Beer sold the most with almost 50% share of the total sales followed by vodka. Unlike other festive occasions, bars, lounges and nightclubs did not witness sales as brisk as liquor shops.
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