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Chhattisgarh Excise Department has given approval, bars can open from noon to midnight

Now foreign liquor will also be served in the hotels and motels of Chhattisgarh Tourism Board. The Excise Department has issued a notification for this. There is a condition that this liquor will be served from open bottles to the customers in the hotel restaurant or any such place. For this, FL-3 category license will be issued to the hotel concerned. The process of drinking and drinking in these hotels can start from 12 noon and go on till 12 in the night.


The Excise Department has also laid down some conditions for the license holders. The first condition is that foreign liquor for serving in these hotels should be purchased from any retail shop in the same district. This shop will be decided by the collector. Secondly, only one bar room and liquor counter will be allowed in the hotel.

Liquor will be sold in hotels-restaurants at 20% higher price

According to the notification, foreign liquor will be sold in hotels at a price at least 20% above the normal retail rate. These hotels will stock no more than 240 bottles of liquor and more than 480 beers at a time. If the hotel is big then the Excise Commissioner can also increase this limit. This bar will be closed for only 10 days in a year including some festivals and festivals. These include Republic Day, Martyrdom Day of Mahatma Gandhi, Holi, Muharram, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and Guru Ghasidas Jayanti. If the administration orders the closure of the bar in connection with law and order, elections or any other matter, then the bar will have to be closed on that day also. In normal condition this bar can be operated from 12 noon to 12 noon.


License fee will be one lakh rupees

Govt eyes over Rs 40-k crore investment in ethanol production

The Excise Department will charge a fee of one lakh rupees annually for the tourism bar license. The licensee will have to deposit 25% of the license fee in cash or in any national bank as a guarantee of compliance with the conditions etc. It will be deposited till 30th June. If there is no violation of conditions during the year, it will be freed if there is no arrears.

The decision to give license was made in May.

The state cabinet had in May decided to grant FL-3 category licenses to the hotels of the tourism board. It was argued that these hotels are not running. If a bar license is given there, it will run. Government spokesperson and Agriculture Minister Ravindra Choubey had said at that time. If you pass through the highway, then you will find a mausoleum of corruption of the then government. It was made by the tourism department. Most of them have turned into ruins. Some people said that if the license of FL-3 is given in these hotels, then they will run.


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