Jaipur: Even after organising e-auctions in 10 phases in three rounds, the excise department has failed to sell all its shops in the state.
Out of 7,665 liquor stores, the department did not find buyers for 1,891 shops. Due to this, the excise department has approximately suffered a loss of more than Rs 500 crore in the new financial year.
A source said, after the ninth phase of auction, the district excise officers were asked number of remaining shops they can sell in their districts. While, nine district officials meekly refused, 25 districts officials claimed to sell 50% of the remaining shops. Following this, 1,563 shops in 25 districts were put under hammer on April 20.
A source said, “Tall claims of the officials fell flat as only 388 shops were auctioned in these 25 districts.”
Earlier, across the state, only 2,501 liquor shop traders came forward for renewal. Following this, attempts were made to sell these shops through auction. However, after organizing auctions, the department failed to sell all the shops.
A source said, “The traders always wanted to reduce the number of shops. People who had multiple shops had renewed the most profitable shop. This has increased their sale of shops.”
Officials said, liquor traders are still not showing interest in taking shops in Jaipur. There are 404 liquor shops in the city. Of these, 110 were renewed, while only 143 shops could be auctioned after many rounds. At present, 149 shops are closed in Jaipur city.
A liquor shop owner said, “I had 13 shops in Jaipur till last year. This time I have purchased only three shops as remaining were not profitable.”
Another trader said, “No trader will quit from business if it’s profitable. In the past, the excise department arm-twisted the shop owners. However, attempts turned futile as there was no scope of profit in the business due to faulty policy.”

The above news was originally posted on timesofindia.indiatimes.com