The ‘Rolling Dough Café’ was sealed on Thursday at noon; food safety officials also said expired ingredients were found and the kitchen was unhygienic

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) on Thursday sealed a café in Coimbatore on charges of selling desserts containing liquor.

‘Rolling Dough Café’ at P.N. Palayam in Coimbatore, was sealed by the FSSAI on Thursday noon after Minister for Health and Family Welfare Ma. Subramanian ordered officials to inspect and seal the café. Officials who inspected the café found two bottles of liquor from the kitchen.

An official statement said that a complaint was received against the use of liquor in the café on Wednesday, based on which the Minister issued the order.

The FSSAI team led by Designated Officer for Coimbatore, K. Tamilselvan, inspected the café on Thursday and sealed it by noon.

An official said that some of the desserts served at the cafe had liquor as an ingredient. Liquor as an ingredient of these items was mentioned on the menu.

The statement said that the FSSAI team found expired ingredients at the cafe and also found that those handling food did not have medical fitness certificates. Flies were found in the kitchen, which was unhygienic. The café failed to maintain records of pest control measures taken and periodical testing of potable water used for the preparation of food. Those working at the café did not wear masks, caps and gloves. Also, the licence issued by the FSSAI was not displayed prominently, the statement said.

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The FSSAI team collected samples of food items for laboratory examination and seized several materials including two liquor bottles.

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