In a joint effort district police and excise department destroyed and dumped 5400 kg of raw material and 540 litres county raw country made liquor worth Rs 6 lakh from Kararia Bijori, accused escaped spot leaving material and liquor. Under the special campaign to curb illegally manufacturing of liquor in the region continued and under which teams were formed and raided Kararia Bijori tapra and recovered raw material and country made liquor which was destroyed by the team.


The police have registered 12 cases against unidentified accused under  Madhya Pradesh Excise Act and started further investigation.

During the raid conducted police and Excise Department team jointly taking action in Kararia Bijori tapra and nearby areas. The police said that the raw material and liquor recovered from the spot which was destroyed by the team was worth Rs 6.48 lakh.

The team comprised of 40 constables from the police control room and officers of the Excise Department, Sajendra Mori ADEO, OP Jamour ADEO, Atul Dubey ADEO and 30 personnel  have played an important role.

Meanwhile Chola Mandir police have two killers who stabbed a man in June this year at his shanty in Chola Mandir area; man was killed by accused for money. According to the police, Anna alias PK Abraham used to live alone at the shanty for the past 20 years and June 23 he was found murdered.

In the initial investigation it was found that he was murdered by two of his acquaintances as Umesh Ahirwar and Deepak Panthi.

During the investigation it was found that accused escaped Rajasthan with Rs 1000 from pockets of deceased. The deceased was having over Rs 1 lakh in his account and accused took ATM card and passbook still they failed to withdraw money from his account.

Delhi Liquor Discount: दिल्ली-NCR के शराब के शौकीनों के लिए गुड न्यूज, फिर मची छूट देने की होड़

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