JAMMU, Oct 4: Godfather Legendary, Kotsberg Pils, Six Fields Blanche & and Fields Cult–all four beer brands of Devans Modern Breweries Limited based out of Jammu came right on top in their respective categories and have won prestigious medals at the Spiritz Selection Awards 2021.


The awards were announced in an event organized by SPIRITZ at New Delhi. Devan’s had secured medals in 2020 also, making this the second consecutive year of its victory spree.
Blind beer tasting competitions are a standard practice internationally and a beginning was made in India when SPIRITZ, a leading Indian Alcobev magazine conducted its first Blind Tasting Competition for Beer brands at Delhi in 2020. SPIRITZ had previously been staging this event only for the wine segment.

The beers were blind tasted and the awards were adjudicated by a jury composed of eminent personalities in the liquor field some of whom had previously held major positions in international companies, entrepreneurs and leading experts in the area. However, in order to be neutral, fair and impartial, none of the jury members were presently working with or associated with any liquor or beer companies and none had any inkling of the brands which they were tasting.

Devans bagged awards for blind tasting in all the categories of beer including Gold Medals for Godfather Legendary Strong Beer in the strong beer segment and Six Fields Cult in the strong wheat beer segment. Six Fields Cult Strong Wheat Beer was launched in April this year and the brand won a Gold in its very first year of its launch. Devans also bagged silver medals for Kotsberg Pils in the light beer segment and for Six Fields Blanche in the light wheat beer segment. No Gold Medals were awarded to any brand in the two segments where Devans got silver medals.

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The brands manufactured by Devans stood first in all the four beer categories while competing with other beer brands that are sold across India. Devans also won Gold Medals in packaging for all the four beer brands.

The above news was originally posted on www.dailyexcelsior.com


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