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Barbrew raises INR 2.5 crore

Barneys Hard Seltzer is a new age alcoholic drink, a refreshing alternative to beer, wine and cocktails.

Alcobev Startup Barbrew coming up with Barneys Hard Seltzers has raised its Angel Round of funding of INR 2.5 CR from ah! Ventures Angel Platform and Others.

Barneys Hard Seltzer is a new age alcoholic drink, a refreshing alternative to beer, wine and cocktails. The drink is a zero sugar/ low calorie alcoholic beverage crafted precisely with premium elements to give you a 7 star experience. It is that perfect blend which is not too fizzy and not too sweet. With 6% ABV, it’s the day drinkers best friend.

Today’s generation is all about experiencing new things and hence they are relishing the idea of Barneys being a fitness drink. With a market potential of 90 billion bottles every year, Barneys strongly believes to be a youth and lifestyle brand, an easy on-the-go drink for both men and women, thereby uniting the generation.

At its core, Barneys is addressing three major pain points from creating a seltzer segment in India to ensuring uniqueness and being a healthy substitute.

“While most of us suffered with lockdowns, faced difficulty in getting even the basics. There were people who still stood in a long queue of 4 kms to get a bottle of anything. Pandemic certainly gave birth to Barneys with extremely new and vibrant blends, hence tapping an untapped market. There was no R&D on the Day -1, it was simply T&F – Try & Fail. And after 6 months of efforts, Barbrew succeeded in making patent pending blends” said Ruchi Gupta, Co-Founder, Barbrew Beverages.

“With Barneys Hard Seltzer, we aim to create a whole new style of drinking, a different perspective for every day moments. Taste matters to a consumer and they tend to associate with the same. And so we have ensured that Barneys isn’t just a flavor. The idea is also to take the brand global and not just remain local” added Ruchi Gupta.

“Well, it’s the Barneys season. Come celebrate this one life you’ve got. Do it your way. Whatever that means. And don’t forget to get your bro and bro’s along” added Gaurav Sharma, Co-Founder, Barbrew Beverages.

“We are delighted to continue our association with Barneys. Consumers always want something new and fresh especially in the F&B segment. We believe the newness being offered by Barneys with respect to the product, segment and positioning will excite everyone. Hard Seltzers is largely an untapped segment in India and we feel a lot of buzz is waiting to happen in the near future” stated Amit Kumar, Senior Partner, ah! Ventures.

This is ah! Ventures’s 25th investment in 2021 and 5 more investments will be announced shortly. This is ah! Ventures’ 88th investment (in 69 Startups) taking its total investment portfolio to INR 231 CR (~31 MN USD) with 11 exits and 18 follow on rounds till date.

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