NAWADA: On a tip-off, a truck bearing false registration number plate and carrying thousands of bottles of India-made foreign liquor (IMFL) was seized from the premises of Warisaliganj referral hospital premises, adjacent to Mafi village, near Warisaliganj police station in the wee hours on Thursday.
The 12-wheeled truck was stacked with hay and liquor bottles were hidden in it. However, both the driver as well as the cleaner managed to escape. Sniffer dogs from Gaya failed to trace the culprits due to extensive water-logged paddy fields.
Police inspector Jitendra Kumar said that on a tip-off, Nawada SP DL Sawal quickly formed a team to intercept the truck laden with liquor bottles of 750ml and 180ml. “In the wee hours of Thursday, a team of local police seized the truck from the premises of the Referral Hospital adjacent to the village,” the inspector said.
Police sources said that the label on the bottles depicted that it was manufactured in Arunachal Pradesh and was apparently to be used to lure voters in the upcoming panchyat elections in November.
Earlier also, a truck loaded with liquor bottles was seized from the same spot a few months ago.

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