Most countries around the world produce and enthusiastically consume alcoholic beverages of various kinds. The exceptions are primarily those with a majority Muslim population — Islam eschews alcohol — and even some of those (for instance Morocco and Turkey) have wineries and distilleries for the benefit of non- (and non-observant) Muslims.

It’s not surprising that various forms of wine, beer, or spirits have come to be considered emblematic of certain countries — but there are also plenty of non-alcoholic beverages that have evolved into the signature drinks of one nation or another.

Reviewing a number of alcoholic beverage industry publications, national tourist bureau sites, and various pop culture sources, 24/7 Tempo has assembled a list of signature drinks from some 35 countries. 

In America, the legislatures in some 29 states have designated at least one official state drink, alcoholic or otherwise. For 20 of these, presumably all major dairy producers, the official drink is milk. These are signature drinks from every state.

Entire countries, on the other hand, seldom if ever make official pronouncements on the subject, so in some cases the identity of the beverage most closely associated with a particular nation might be open to debate.

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Whether fiery fruit brandy, herbal tea, beer variety, branded soft drink, or anything else quaffable, however, everything on this list occupies a special place in the cups or glasses — and on the palates — of the people of the place in question. (In the case of beer, it’s interesting to note what beer costs in 58 cities around the world.)

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