I founded the Sonal Holland Wine Academy in 2009 that offers certified WSET wine and spirit courses, which has since completed over a decade in the business of education. I had set up SoHo Wine Club in 2016 to demystify wines to budding oenophiles in a land of whiskey lovers. We curate a fab collection of wines and experiences for the most discerning palates in India.

You have spearheaded the groundbreaking initiative of India Wine Insider. Please tell us more about it.

India Wine Insider, in collaboration with London-based Wine Intelligence, is the country’s most comprehensive survey on the urban Indian wine consumer. The initiative spearheaded by Sonal Holland Wine Academy in 2017, with this research-backed knowledge paper gives an invaluable glimpse into the awareness, attitudes, and usage of wine among domestic wine drinkers. The India Wine Insider report uncovers prevailing consumer realities and identifies future growth opportunities beneficial for the Indian and international wine trade, and hoteliers, to make informed decisions.

Considering India has more of whiskey lovers, has the concept of classy wine drinking really picked up?

Wine has had a somewhat tumultuous journey in India; it’s been considered an elitist and expensive beverage choice. Over the years, however, thanks to the efforts of local wine makers, wine has become more of a household name in our country, as well as much more accessible. What’s more, wine is widely touted for its health benefits (when enjoyed in moderation, of course), which makes it a more attractive option for those who are conscious about their health.

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