Altamura Distilleries SRL is gearing up to introduce its premium Altamura Vodka to the Indian market on February 19, 2024. Distilled from ancient grains native to Puglia, Italy, this spirit promises to offer a slice of Italian elegance and tradition. The launch event is set to take place at Sidecar, New Delhi, with the legendary Salvatore Calabrese leading the celebration. This marks a significant step for Altamura Distilleries as it brings its rich heritage and the exquisite taste of its vodka, characterized by a smooth and intense flavor, to India.

The event will not only showcase Altamura Vodka’s unique qualities but also highlight its distinctive bottle design, symbolizing the strength and pride of Puglia with a lioness emblem.

As Altamura Distilleries partners with Amistad Spirits Pvt Ltd for distribution across northern India, this launch is poised to captivate the discerning Indian palate, blending Italian craftsmanship with innovation. It’s an exciting time for spirit enthusiasts and connoisseurs looking forward to experiencing a piece of Italy’s rich legacy through the refined taste of Altamura Vodka.