Starting from Valentine’s Day, February 14th, a liquor prohibition will be implemented in specific areas of Bengaluru until February 17th, 2024. As the Legislative Council By-Election for the Bangalore Teachers Constituency is slated for February 16th, 2024, this measure has been taken to coincide with the event. The prohibition commences on February 14th and concludes on February 17th, 2024. For details regarding the affected areas, prohibition timings, and the rationale behind this action, continue reading.

Bengaluru Liquor Prohibition: Dates and Timing
As previously mentioned, a liquor prohibition has been announced for certain parts of Bengaluru in light of the Legislative Council By-Election for the Bangalore Teachers Constituency. Although the election is scheduled for February 16th, the prohibition in Bengaluru will be enforced from February 14th, 2024, until February 17th, 2024. The prohibition timings are from 5:00 PM on February 14th to 6:00 AM on February 17th.

Areas Affected by Bengaluru Liquor Prohibition
The Deputy Commissioner of Bengaluru Urban, KA Dayananda, has ordered the liquor prohibition based on the authority vested in him under Section 135(c) of the Representation of People Act, 1951, and Rule 10(b) of the Karnataka Excise Rules, 1967. This prohibition applies to all parts of the city except those falling under the jurisdiction of the Police Commissionerate.

In other news, Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has called for a ‘Chalo Delhi’ protest at Jantar Mantar on February 7, 2024. This protest is against the alleged ‘financial tyranny’ of the Central Government, citing inadequate tax devolution and grants-in-aid to the State. It is emphasized that this protest is not a clash between political parties but rather a stand against the Union Government’s perceived unfair treatment of Karnataka’s citizens.