Assam’s Liquor Revenue Soars to Rs 3,816 Crore in 2023-24 Fiscal Year


Minister for Excise, Parimal Suklabaidya, revealed that the state amassed a staggering revenue of Rs. 3,816 crore from liquor sales during the 2023-24 fiscal year. In response to MLA Rekibuddin Ahmed’s query, the minister disclosed that Assam is home to 3,003 liquor outlets, comprising 1,707 foreign liquor shops, 923 pubs, and 373 indigenous liquor vendors. Notably, during the Magh Bihu celebrations, Guwahati witnessed liquor sales amounting to Rs. 12.5 crore over two days, while on New Year’s Eve, sales reached Rs. 8.5 crore. Diwali 2023 saw transactions worth Rs. 6.8 crore, and during the three-day Durga Puja festivities, sales peaked at Rs. 22 crore, alongside regular day transactions.