In an impressive financial update, Uttar Pradesh’s Independent Charge Excise State Minister, Mr. Nitin Agarwal, announced that the Excise Department garnered revenues amounting to INR 5,005.06 crore in January 2024. This figure represents a substantial growth of 59.17% compared to the revenue collected in January 2023.

Mr. Agarwal further elaborated that the cumulative revenue till January 2024 reached INR 36,122.36 crore. When compared to the corresponding period last year, which saw revenues of INR 31,246.62 crore, there’s an increase of INR 4,875.74 crore. This increment translates to a 15.60% rise in revenue year-over-year.

This surge in revenue is indicative of the department’s effective strategies and the robust economic activities within the state, reflecting positively on the government’s fiscal management and policy implementation.