Radico Khaitan Unveils Last Three Bottles of Rampur Signature Reserve at Hyderabad Airport Duty-Free

Celebrating 75 Years of Rampur Distillery: A Tribute to Indian Craftsmanship and Premium Spirits


Radico Khaitan proudly marks its entry into Hyderabad Airport Duty-Free, unveiling the last three bottles of the globally acclaimed Rampur Signature Reserve Indian Single Malt Whisky. As a trailblazer in the Indian IMFL industry, Radico Khaitan announces the exclusive availability of this limited-edition collection at the duty-free section.

The Rampur Signature Reserve, renowned worldwide, underwent a meticulous aging process in American Standard Oak Barrels, enduring the challenges of numerous Indian summers. The Master Maker meticulously selected and set aside four distinct casks, subsequently transferring them to specially chosen PX Sherry Butts from Jerez, Spain, for the final maturation phase.

Sanjeev Banga, President-International Business at Radico Khaitan, expressed excitement, stating, “At Radico Khaitan, we consistently set industry standards. To commemorate 75 years of Rampur Distillery, we introduced a super luxury variant of Rampur Indian single malt whisky in the international market. These individually numbered bottles are strictly on an allocation basis, each carrying the signature of Dr Lalit Khaitan, Chairman, and the Rampur Master Maker. We are thrilled to bring the last 3 bottles to our home country as a tribute to the origin.”

Banga extends a warm invitation to whisky enthusiasts, collectors, and travelers to indulge in the unparalleled quality of Radico Khaitan’s products and explore the diverse range of premium spirits available at the duty-free.

In addition to the exclusive Rampur Signature Reserve, Radico Khaitan offers a selection of their premium brands at the Hyderabad duty-free. This includes the distinguished Rampur Asava Indian Single Malt Whisky, the rich and complex Rampur Double Cask Indian Single Malt Whisky, the acclaimed Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin and Gold edition, and the regal Royal Ranthambore Heritage Collection Whisky.

This announcement marks a celebration of the finest in Indian craftsmanship and underscores Radico Khaitan’s steadfast dedication to producing premium spirits.

About Radico Khaitan:

Radico Khaitan Limited, among the oldest and largest manufacturers of IMFL in India, started its operations in 1943. Formerly known as Rampur Distillery Company, it emerged as a major bulk spirits supplier and bottler to other spirit manufacturers. The company began its own brands in 1998 with the introduction of 8PM Whisky. Radico Khaitan has developed its entire brand portfolio organically, featuring renowned brands such as After Dark Whisky, Contessa Rum, Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, Magic Moments Vodka, and more.

With seven millionaire brands and a substantial presence in the Canteen Stores Department (CSD), Radico Khaitan operates three distilleries in Rampur, Uttar Pradesh, and one in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. The company has a total owned capacity of 320 million litres and operates 41 bottling units across the country, showcasing a commitment to quality and excellence.