Karnataka Government Elevates Liquor Retail with Premium Boutique in Bengaluru

MSIL Unveils High-End Outlet and Ambitious Expansion Plans to Transform the State's Liquor Retail Experience


The Karnataka government has inaugurated a high-end liquor boutique in Bengaluru, located at Basaveshwara Nagar, marking a significant step in enhancing the state’s retail liquor experience. This upscale outlet, an upgraded version of the existing MSIL establishment, rivals premium private liquor stores, offering a comprehensive collection of all major brands in a single location.

An official from MSIL revealed plans to establish 200 such boutique outlets throughout the state, including 20 in Bengaluru. The boutique, characterized by a luxurious ambience and well-trained staff, aims to redefine the liquor retail landscape. MSIL’s Managing Director, Manojkumar, inaugurated the first premium outlet on Thimmaiah Road, emphasizing its alignment with contemporary trends to elevate customer satisfaction.

The initiative is part of MSIL’s strategic approach to broaden its market presence by providing access to premium liquor brands through retail outlets. Future boutiques are scheduled to open in prominent locations like Dr Rajkumar Road, RPC Layout, and Vijayanagar in Bengaluru. Additionally, several MSIL outlets at various locations are undergoing upgrades, with reopening expected within the next few months.

Manojkumar disclosed MSIL’s ambition to enhance transactions by approximately 40%, targeting a revenue of Rs 4,000 crore in the current fiscal year. This expansion plan aligns with Industries Minister MB Patil’s guidance, aiming to offer customers a mall-like experience at the upgraded outlets, which will feature a corporate touch.

Apart from the liquor retail sector, MSIL has diversified its business approach. The company intends to achieve a transaction target of Rs 10,000 crore through chit fund operations. Plans also include the establishment of franchise outlets for stationery items and the launch of ten mega pharmacy stores.

The Excise Department reported a significant uptick in liquor sales, reaching Rs 3,000 crore in December 2023, surpassing the corresponding figures from the previous year by Rs 400 crore. This surge contributes to the state’s average monthly liquor sales of around Rs 2,500 crore.