As the revelry of New Year’s Eve subsides, India witnesses a notable surge in liquor sales, indicating a vibrant start to the year. Here’s a closer look at how different states performed during the celebrations:

Karnataka: Despite a slight dip in Indian-made Liquor (IML) sales, Karnataka saw a significant 15.6% increase in beer sales, totaling 41.6 lakh cases in December. The Karnataka State Beverages Corporation (KSBC) reported a profit margin boost, with IML sales down by 0.2% and beer sales up by 15.6%. The 1031 MSIL outlets earned an impressive Rs. 18.85 crore in alcoholic beverage sales during the month.

Telangana: Telangana witnessed record-breaking New Year sales, surpassing Rs. 650 crore in three days. The Telangana State Beverages Corporation (TSBC) played a crucial role in selling over 6.5 lakh cases of various spirits.

Andhra Pradesh: Tipplers in Andhra Pradesh enjoyed Rs. 147 crore worth of liquor on New Year’s Eve, with cities like Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Guntur, and Rajamahendravaram reporting high sales.

Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand experienced a surge in liquor sales, exceeding 30 crores during New Year celebrations. Enthusiastic tourists and locals contributed to a significant Rs. 30 crore liquor revenue. The issuance of over 300 one-day bar licenses and 329 one-day bar licenses on December 31 further boosted sales.

Delhi: In December, Delhi witnessed a 14% increase in liquor sales, totaling over 4.56 crore bottles. New Year’s Eve set a record with 24 lakh bottles sold, an 18% increase from 2022. December 2023 saw substantial growth, with 4.97 crore bottles sold through 635 vends.

Uttar Pradesh: Uttar Pradesh shattered records, with residents consuming over Rs. 700 crore worth of liquor in just two days. Lucknow alone contributed Rs. 30 crore to this figure. Ghaziabad recorded Rs. 7 crore in liquor sales on New Year’s Eve.

Kerala: Keralites spent Rs. 300 crore on liquor on New Year’s, marking a 12% increase. Kerala State Beverages Corporation achieved record-breaking sales, totaling Rs 543.13 crore between December 22 and 31.

West Bengal: Kolkata reported a historic surge in liquor sales on New Year’s Eve, with a collection of Rs. 12 crore, a substantial 30% increase from the previous year.

Madhya Pradesh: The trend of rising alcohol consumption extended to smaller towns, with a yearly increase of over 100%. On New Year’s Eve, heightened alcohol sales contributed to the overall surge in yearly consumption. Umaria led in beer consumption with a remarkable 495% yearly rise.

Tamil Nadu: The state saw steady growth of 8% in liquor sales, amounting to Rs. 220 crore, with Chennai and Coimbatore leading in revenue.

Haryana: Haryana joined the festivities with a Rs. 150 crore tab for New Year’s booze, with Gurgaon and Faridabad as the top spenders.

Rajasthan: The desert state enjoyed a 9% rise in liquor sales, reaching Rs. 130 crore, with Jaipur and Jodhpur as the top contributors.

These trends underscore the increasing economic importance of liquor sales in India during festive seasons. However, responsible consumption and awareness of potential social and health implications are crucial. For precise details, consulting official sources from the respective state excise departments is recommended.

Disclaimer: The above figures are the compilation from the figures released by other news agencies and reports. Figures for some states await official release by the excise department.