New Year’s Eve Witnesses Liquor Sales of Rs 147 Crore in the Andhra Pradesh

A Surge in Revenue, Extended Hours, and Price Hikes Drive Unprecedented Alcohol Transactions


VIJAYAWADA: On New Year’s Eve (December 31), the Andhra Pradesh State Beverages Corporation Limited (APSBCL) achieved a remarkable milestone by selling liquor worth Rs 147 crore—double the average daily alcohol sales. Typically ranging between Rs 75 crore to Rs 85 crore, the surge in sales was attributed to the convergence of New Year’s Eve and Sunday.

The sale comprised 1.51 lakh cases of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and 67,000 cases of beer. The government’s decision to extend the operating hours of APSBCL’s liquor stores until midnight also played a significant role in setting this record.

D Vasudeva Reddy, the managing director of APSBCL, reported, “On December 31, 2022, alcohol sales reached Rs 142 crore.” Additionally, the recent price hikes across various liquor brands were identified as contributing factors to the increased revenue.

Despite the allowance for bars to remain open for an additional two hours until 1 am, their business experienced a decline. Sales at bars dropped from Rs 20 crore to Rs 10 crore compared to the previous year. Bar owners attributed this decrease to the prolonged operating hours of liquor outlets, where customers could obtain alcohol at lower prices.

Vasudeva Reddy highlighted the disparity in prices, noting that a quarter bottle costs Rs 50 to Rs 80 more in bars compared to liquor outlets. Bar owners explained that they purchase liquor from APSBCL at the same cost offered to outlets, compelling them to increase prices to cover expenses.