Associated Alcohol & Breweries Unveils ‘Nicobar’: A Pinnacle in Handcrafted Premium Gin

Indulge in the Expertly Crafted Flavors of Nicobar, a Distinct Gin with Three Juniper Kinds


Associated Alcohol & Breweries Limited, part of the Associated Kedia Group, just launched ‘Nicobar,’ a fancy new handcrafted gin. What makes it special? Well, it’s got a strong yet flowery taste with elderflower and hibiscus. And get this – it uses three kinds of juniper, making it totally one-of-a-kind!

This gin isn’t your average – it’s got a mix of citrusy hints from sweet orange peel and coriander seeds, giving it a fancy and balanced flavor. You can sip it by itself, and it’s all thanks to some top-notch craftsmanship using special copper stills.

According to Tushar Bhandari, the big shot at Associated Alcohol & Breweries Limited, launching ‘Nicobar’ isn’t just about a new drink. It’s their way of diving into the growing demand for fancy gin and showing they’re all about keeping up with what people like.

So, why gin? It’s their move to shine in the market by offering cool and unique drinks that match what people want. ‘Nicobar’ isn’t just a drink; it’s their way of saying they’re all about quality and trying new things in the world of fancy drinks.