Noida Residents Urged to Report Out-of-State Alcohol Purchases to Boost Revenue

Residents warned of penalties for bringing in liquor from Delhi, Gurugram as district aims to meet ambitious revenue targets.


The authorities in Gautam Buddh Nagar (Noida) are urging residents to report people buying alcohol from Delhi and Gurugram, where it’s cheaper than in Uttar Pradesh. This is to make everyone aware of the rules about alcohol and to increase revenue from liquor sales. They promise to keep the identity of those reporting confidential.

According to District Excise Officer Subodh Kumar, bringing or consuming liquor from outside Uttar Pradesh is against the law. Offenders can face legal action under Section 63 of the Uttar Pradesh Excise Act 1910, resulting in imprisonment. Additionally, the vehicle used to transport illegal liquor can be seized under Section 72.

Uttar Pradesh permits only one open bottle of alcohol from another state, and violations can result in a minimum penalty of ₹5,000. The district has seen a 15.54% increase in revenue from liquor sales in the past six months compared to the same period last year, amounting to ₹892 crore.

The revenue collection target for the fiscal year 2023-24 is ₹2,324.78 crore, and by December 2023, they have already collected ₹1,342.87 crore, achieving 84% of the target.

In terms of liquor consumption, from July to December 2023, the district recorded the sale of 75,38,735 bottles of foreign liquor, 2,74,99,400 cans of beer, and 1,11,35,996 litres of domestic liquor. These figures show an increase compared to the same months in 2022.

During the corresponding period in 2022, residents in the district consumed 2,07,44,903 cans of beer, 68,23,012 bottles of foreign liquor, and 1,00,17,385 litres of country-made liquor.