Telangana tops in consuming alcohol in South India


Hyderabad: In the report submitted to the Chief Minister Revanth Reddy by the officials of the Excise Department on the sale and consumption of liquor in Telangana, many interesting facts have been revealed. It is said that alcohol is consumed here more than other southern states like AP, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. That means Telangana is the top place in the consumption of liquor in the south. It is said that due to this, the government is also getting huge revenue.

According to the census of 2011, states like Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have high population and low alcohol sales, while Telangana has low population and high alcohol sales. According to the report of Excise officials, Andhra Pradesh has a population of 4.93 crores. 3.35 crore cases of liquor (IML) were sold there in 2022-23.

As a result, the per capita alcohol consumption there is 6.04 liters. 1.16 crore cases of beer were sold. It means per capita consumption of beer is 1.86 liters. Per capita alcohol consumption in Tamil Nadu is 7.66 litres, while beer consumption is 3.75 litres. Further, in Kerala, which has almost the same population as Telangana, the per capita consumption of liquor is 5.93 litres, while the consumption of beer is 2.63 litres.

As far as Telangana is concerned, per capita alcohol consumption is 9 liters and beer consumption is 10.7 liters. The state is top not only in consumption of liquor but also in revenue. In 2022-23, Telangana will get Rs.33,268 crores, AP will get Rs.23,804 crores, Karnataka will get Rs.29,790 crores, Kerala will get Rs. 16,189 crores of revenue generated through the sale of liquor.

The Congress government has decided to control the sale of alcohol in Telangana, which is trying to control the increasing consumption of alcohol. Belt shops are expected to be removed completely. Also, it seems that they are planning to impose control on bars and wine shops.

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