Coca-Cola India has forayed into the domestic alcohol market for the first time, introducing Lemon-Dou, its global alcoholic ready-to-drink beverage. The company has started pilot tests of Lemon-Dou in “a few states in India.”

“Coca-Cola is pilot testing select brands like Lemon-Dou from its global portfolio of low alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in a few states in India,” the company told Mint in an email.

According to the company, the alcoholic drink is initially available in Goa and Maharashtra. It is priced at ₹150 in Goa and ₹230 in Maharashtra.

“Lemon-Dou is made from crushed whole lemons, infused in alcohol, mixed with bubbles – a refreshing, full-bodied chu-hi alcoholic lemon drink,” according to the company’s website.

A report by the International Spirits & Wines Association of India (ISWAI) stated that India’s alcoholic beverage market is estimated to reach USD 64 billion over the next five years, making India the fifth-largest contributor to global market revenues in the near to medium term. It said that the sector, which has an estimated market size of USD 52.4 billion in 2021, made up about 2 per cent of the nominal GDP of the country and is still a significant industry ( ₹3.9 lakh crore (US$47 billion), including country liquor).

The company is conducting a trial for Lemon-Dou in a few states in India. Lemon-Dou is a mix of distilled liquor, similar to brandy or vodka, and lime.

“The preparation and distribution of these beverages are done separately in dedicated and independent facilities in India which are different from the facilities that prepare and distribute its non-alcoholic ready-to-drink (NARTD) beverages,” the company told Mint.

Lemon-Dou is Coca-Cola’s first lemon sour brand developed to respond to the growing demand of lemon sour lovers wanting to “enjoy the authentic taste of Lemon Sour not only in the drinking places but also at home”, as mentioned on the official website.

(the above news was originally posted on the livemint)