In view of the wedding season, the Delhi government’s excise department has requested people to get temporary P-10 licenses to ensure liquor was consumed properly in a responsible manner on such occasions, officials said Monday.An excise department officer said drinking in public during the wedding season needs to be curbed and people should avoid it by serving liquor in a proper manner by obtaining a requisite permit.

Sale of liquor picks up in November and December when the wedding season is in full swing in Delhi, necessitating P-10 licenses for serving liquor at marriage parties, he said.
However, as per official data, a total of 1,716 P-10 licenses were issued in October and November this year, despite a rise in the number of festival and wedding functions.

P-10 licenses are issued for serving liquor at parties and functions. The fee for it is Rs 15,000 for parties held at banquet halls, motels and farmhouses and Rs 5,000 for any other place.

For private parties and functions at hotels and restaurants, the excise department issues a P-13 licence for Rs 10,000.

Between October and February of the 2022-23 fiscal, 8,237 P-10 licences were issued. Between March and September 2023, as many as 5,353 such licenses were issued.

The International Spirits and Wines Association of India (ISWAI), in a statement, urged people to consume alcohol during celebrations like weddings responsibly.

A successful wedding celebration is one where cherished memories are made without compromising on anyone’s well-being, it added.

(the above news was originally posted on the Business-standard )