HYDERABAD: The ban on the sale of liquor, at outlets, vends, pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants, across the state came into effect from 5 pm on Tuesday, after the campaigning for the upcoming state Assembly polls concluded. The ban will be in effect till completion of polling, officials said.

Despite winter being a heavy period of spirit sales, liquor consumers and establishments were relaxed about the ban and welcomed the break the election provided.

Prabhu Ravikanth David, the manager of a popular pub in Begumpet, said: “We have to abide by the orders of the government and closed down all the stock. The business is closed till the elections are over and on Thursday night, we will resume… our staff is excited to cast their vote on the day of elections.”

The general manager of a star hotel said: “We mostly have expat clients, who are on business trips. We have been explaining to them for the past two days that there would be no liquor served for three days. The authorities came down and seized the stocks.”

T. David Ravikanth, deputy commissioner of prohibition and excise for Rangareddy division, in a press note, stated that in view of the general elections in Telangana, the department has taken tough measures, sealing all liquor outlets, 2B bars, A4 shops and toddy shops, for the period starting 5 pm on November 28 till the conclusion of polls on 30 November.

Further, shops will also be closed from 6 am on December 3, the day of vote counting, he said, warning violators of losing their licences.