The Delhi excise department has debarred more than 5,000 independent restaurants and cafes from hosting functions on P-10 liquor permits, citing excise revenue loss.

P-10 permits are given for serving liquor at weddings, birthday parties, engagements or such functions. Officials said the excise department noticed many independent restaurants were using P-10 permits to host functions and parties where liquor was served.

“These restaurants use P-10 permits to get liquor instead of having an excise licence to serve liquor because of the higher licence fee. This leads to excise revenue loss to the state exchequer,” said a senior excise officer, according to a PTI report.

A recent order issued by the excise department said, “All the L-6 retail vends are directed to ensure that no P-10 permits be issued to the independent restaurants for hosting functions.”

“Non-compliance of the order will be viewed seriously and stern action including cancellation of licence may be taken against the defaulter L-6 vends,” it said.

A P-10 licence can be obtained on payment of Rs 10,000 (except for motels, banquet halls and farmhouses where the fee is Rs 15,000) for service of liquor in any party, function, marriage and such other events. A P-10 licence holder can purchase liquor from a maximum of three vends.

Officials said 935 hotels, clubs and restaurants in the city have excise licences to run the bars at their premises. On the other hand, 5,374 independent restaurants are eligible for an excise licence but do not have it.

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