The Dasara festival accounted for massive liquor sales in Visakhapatnam, generating revenue of a whopping 30 crore rupees. According to the Prohibition and Excise Department, both government and private-owned liquor stores and bars fetched impressive income for the government on 23 and 24 October 2023, i.e. Monday and Tuesday.

As per the report, two government retail depots in Visakhapatnam sold 8,150 Indian Made Liquor cases and 4,041 beer cases on the day before Dasara, generating Rs 7.92 crores. Following this, Tuesday accounted for Rs 8.36 crore in revenue, attributed to selling 7,924 Indian Made Liquor cases and 6,003 beer cases.

The Dasara liquor sales in Visakhapatnam this year witnessed a spike of 69% compared to 2022. Similarly, chicken and mutton sales witnessed a spike during the festival.

(the above news was originally posted on Yo vizag)