Pune: The State Excise Department, Pune Division has taken stringent action against the production of illegal liquor during a special campaign from October 2 to October 8.

As per further information shared by Yuvraj Shinde, Deputy Superintendent, State Excise Department, Pune Division, a special campaign against illegal production, transportation and sale of liquor was held. 16 teams, including 12 functional teams, 2 Bharari teams and 2 special teams participated.

In the campaign, a total of 284 crimes have been registered and 242 accused have been arrested. Items worth Rs 1,19, 51,830 in question have been seized.

The detailed description of the seized items is as follows:

Country Made Liquor Chemicals Country Made Liquor Foreign Liquor Beer Taadi Imported Liquor
15472 Bulk Liter 84507 Bulk Liter 471 Bulk Liter 160 Bulk Liter 408 Bulk Liter 1337 Bulk Liter 135 Bulk Liter

A proposal will be submitted to the concerned competent authority for taking preventive action against offenders under Section 93 of the Maharashtra Prohibition Act, 1949 and a proposal will be submitted for taking action under the Maharashtra Prevention of Dangerous Activities (MPDA) Act against the accused.

The above action has been taken by the team under the office of Superintendent State Excise Pune. Further, regular action will be taken against the illegal production, transport and sale of alcohol and narcotic drugs and if any citizen in the Pune district gets any information about the illegal production, transport and sale of alcohol and narcotic drugs, he/she should call toll free number 18002339999.

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