Bengaluru: Excessive pricing of liquor by bar owners, boozers approach excise department


Liquor consumers have condemned the steep increase in the price of liquor and have approached the excise department to look into the matter.

The excise department which has taken the appeal of consumers seriously, has warned the bars that take more money from consumers.

Accusations are heard that certain bar owners are taking more money than stipulated by the government saying that government has increased the prices.

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Boozers have accused that bar owners are taking at least 40 to 45% more price though the government increased the price by 20%. Excise department has received several complaints.

Excise department plans to raid bars and restaurants that charge extra money from their customers. The raids will be conducted soon.

The excise department officials will approach these bars disguised as consumers. If the accusation is proved, the licences of such bars will be cancelled.

Nagarajappa, additional commissioner of excise department said that the licenses of bars will be cancelled if they are found to be charging more money from their customers.

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