The Excise Department (Bengaluru Urban district) has taken proactive measures to ensure consumer safety by temporarily withholding the sale of a specific brand of beer bottled on July 15. This precautionary step comes after the department detected a minor sediment formation issue in some bottles from a batch produced at a brewery operated by United Breweries Limited (UBL).

In an effort to maintain the highest quality standards, the department has promptly directed the Karnataka State Beverages Corporation Limited license holders and Retail Vend of Beer (RVB) to temporarily halt the sale of the affected products until further notice.

S.L. Rajendra Prasad, Additional Commissioner, highlighted the department’s commitment to consumer well-being, noting that an investigative team has been assembled to comprehensively analyze samples from the batch. “UBL has taken responsible action by acknowledging the sediment presence in one brand and seeking further analysis for the second brand. We will make an informed decision based on the analysis results,” he explained.

Mr. Prasad emphasized that the department rigorously assesses the safety of alcoholic beverages through thorough testing procedures. In this specific batch, a slight variation in yeast might have contributed to the sediment formation. As a responsible measure, UBL has voluntarily withdrawn bottles from the affected batch to ensure public confidence.

Furthermore, the company’s proactive response and commitment to transparency have been lauded. A spokesperson from United Breweries Ltd. clarified that while a minor haze was observed in a small percentage of bottles from the July 15 batch of Kingfisher Ultra beer, this haze poses no health risk to consumers. The company is actively cooperating with authorities, taking corrective actions, and prioritizing open communication.

It’s important to note that all products from United Breweries Ltd. adhere to regulatory guidelines and maintain the company’s renowned high-quality standards. As a result, consumers can continue to enjoy UBL’s products with confidence in their safety and quality.

By promptly addressing the issue and collaborating with relevant parties, the Excise Department and United Breweries Ltd. are collectively contributing to the well-being and satisfaction of beer consumers across the region.