The Delhi government has simplified the process for issuing hotel, club, and restaurant (HCR) category licences by its Excise department with a view to give boost to the city’s hospitality industry. According to an officer, the application for an HCR license that earlier used to get processed in four steps will be now be completed in just two steps, saving time by cutting paperwork.

“This four time back and forth movement of files was found to be not only consuming valuable time but also a hassle to the applicants. Now, a simplified process put in place will ensure speedier disposal of HCR license applications,” said the officer.

Under the new procedure, the application for an HCR license, complete with necessary documents, would be placed before the licensing authority – the deputy commissioner (excise) – for approval to depute a team to inspect suitability of the proposed HCR premises and issuing a notice if report of the team okayed it.

The inspection report would then be signed by an assistant commissioner and notice would be issued to be pasted at the proposed premises seeking any objections from the local residents within 15 days.

In the next step, the file will be again placed before the licensing authority after the notice period is over, and if there are no objections, sent for approval to issue the offer letter on payment of license fee.

After receipt of the payment online, the assistant commissioner (HCR) will notify the applicant, who will receive the copy of license, the login id and password through registered mail, added the document.

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