Som Distilleries and Breweries Limited (SDBL), an entity of Madhya Pradesh-based integrated AlcoBev player Som Group of Companies, had announced that it had secured top position in selling strong beer in Delhi last month.

“We are pleased to announce that our flagship strong beer, Hunter, has achieved a remarkable feat by emerging as the number one selling brand of strong beer in the state of Delhi for the month of May 2023. This achievement underscores the exceptional quality and popularity of Hunter among beer enthusiasts in the region,” the SDBL said in a regulatory filing.

Delhi, known for its vibrant culture and diverse consumer preferences, presents a highly competitive market for beer brands.

Despite the stiff competition, Hunter has not only captured the attention but also secured the trust and loyalty of beer lovers throughout the state, the company said, adding that the achievement is a testament to the superior taste, craftsmanship, and brand appeal that Hunter embodies.

With over 5 beer brands in its portfolio, SDBL has the largest Indian single location brewery plant with distillation, storage, and maturation facilities. Spread across 25 acres at Rojrachak village at a distance of 25 km from Bhopal, SDBL has the capacity of manufacturing more 12.5 million cases of beer per annum and more than 1.7 million cases of IMFL per annum.

It is among one of the first breweries in India to introduce a new process concept of Unitank Technology, in which both fermentation and maturation of brewing happen in the same process tank.

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